Conway LIFE – The Church Christmas Party

What is now becoming an annual event, the Church Christmas Party took place last Sunday, 16th December with about forty attending. Who said the age groups can’t have fun together? The youngest was 18 months and the oldest 86 yrs. Who said Party Games were old hat? We played some of the oldest Party Games and enjoyed every minute. Who thought the old fashioned Sunday tea no longer happened? Well it still can and we all enjoyed sandwiches, pork pies, fairy cakes, scones and clotted cream, mince pies and Chapel Tea! Conway Road has re-invented fun! The children ran round and round. The old ones chatted in the corner and we all found we were still highly competitive. At the end we all went home tired but happy and the children clutched their presents. How many will be opened on Christmas Day?

Pass the parcel…with jokes!
Musical chairs….getting tense.
Friends together…. with ears…or is it a bow?
Tea time!
…and a lot of talking!

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