Conway Road 50+ Group

Closed at the moment due to the corona virus – best wishes to all our members at this time and apologies for any inconvenience

When: Wednesday 10.00 am to 1.00 pm

Cost: £2 for tea/coffee and biscuits, additional £2 for lunch

The Conway Road 50+ Group is organised by local residents and church members and is for everyone. Its aim is to Add Life to Years and Years to Life!

The format is similar each week with tea and chat, or te a chlonc, from 10.15 am to
10.45 am. This is followed at 10.45 am by a varied programme of speakers, demonstrations and activities. 

Lunch is available at 12.00 pm when a homemade soup and a roll is served.

£2 entry includes a cup of tea or coffee and biscuits on arrival, plus an additional £2.00 for the lunch.

A more recent addition is a “Computer Club’ at 9.45 am when members can come along and acquaint themselves with the use of computers and the internet and develop their skills and interests.

On occasions, there are trips to places of interest in South Wales, and in December a Christmas lunch is prepared at the Church.  In November 2015 the Group was invited by the local MP, Kevin Bennan to visit the House of Commons in London.

For more information ring 07811246939 (Text is best)