Farewell to Pastor Albrecht Köstlin-Büürma

On 6th July, the Lutheran congregation met at Conway Road to say goodbye to Pastor Albrecht Köstlin-Büürma and his wife Harmine.  Pastor Albrecht is retiring and they are returning to Germany.

We have very much enjoyed sharing worship and social events with all our German friends and we wish Albrecht and Harmine a very happy and blessed retirement.

Conway Road Methodist – Trip to Barry Island

On Saturday 13th July Conway Road Methodist Church went to Barry Island.  Attended by 13 children and 17 adults.

We hired a large beach hut with electricity and all arrived in the morning for lunch.  It was a lovely warm day, with plenty of tea, sandwiches and home baked cakes.

There were two groups of the people, those who were sat in close proximity to the kettle in the beach hut and those who set up camp on the beach with the kids.  

The children decided it was important to rid the area of all stones, so they all set about digging and filling buckets full of rocks.  They had a system and everyone had a job to do – very inventive to watch.

There were quite a few swimmers amongst us who braved the water and of course commented on how it was ‘not that bad once your in.’

Then there was rounders.  Some of those from the beach hut left their teacups and came to join us on the beach.  Gracie took position of bowler and we all had 3 bats each, at first it was a little chaotic with many children not clear on the rules.  Coco wanted to run from 1st to 4th base missing out 2nd and 3rd base.  While Morgan wanted to keep on batting & just running, when he should have been fielding.  Once we had got into the swing of it, we all enjoyed the game, but we weren’t quite sure which team won.

Some of the children found the spraying jets and boulders, they jumped from one to the next trying not to get too wet from the spray, which was to no avail.  This warranted another costume change, it was a good job all the parents seemed to have brought their children at least 3 outfits to wear.

There was a lot of laughter and everyone enjoyed themselves, and of course at the end of a long day of fun in the sun a cold ice cream was enjoyed by all.  Lets hope the church Barry Island trip becomes an annual event.

Chloe Stamper-Webster

Conway Road Church Picnic

On Sunday 30th June Conway Road Methodist Church hit the park.

There we had a wonderful bring and share picnic, played a hard fought game of rounders, (goodness you’re a competitive bunch). followed by a vast array of races – everything from the sack race to wearing a bean bag on your head.

Congratulations to all the winners and hope you’ve warmed up now Heulwen.

See you all again next year.

Festival of Flowers and Crafts

On Friday 21st June, we opened the doors for our Festival of Flowers and Crafts. Members of the community had created floral arrangements and craft items on a theme of celebration and celebrate, we did! Exhibits of all kinds of arts and crafts from posies, 5 foot tall tropical-looking arrangements, quilts, cross-stitch and paintings to handmade dresses (to name just a few of the items on show) delighted the two to three hundred people who flocked in to share in the festivities.

The Glamorgan Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers joined us with their spinning wheels and looms with members gamely teaching complete beginners how to spin their own yarn or try their hand at a little bit of weaving. There were colouring and bracelet-making activities for children to try and a knitting/crochet corner for anyone willing to make a square for charity. Our dedicated organist was kind enough to provide music on and off throughout the festival so that visitors could enjoy our magnificent 99 year old organ while they looked at the exhibits and of course, the obligatory tea and cake were served from the hatch throughout the festival so no one went thirsty despite the blazing sun which was kind enough to appear for the first two days of the festival.

The festival continued until 4:30pm on Sunday 23rd when we finally closed the doors just before the evening service. Everyone had their own favourites and thankfully, it wasn’t a competition; if it had been, no one could possibly have chosen a winner from all of the inventive and beautiful offerings on show!

When Jesus came to tea

Conway Road Methodist Church had a fun filled activity afternoon on Sunday February 26th when we all learnt about Zacchaeus and thought about what it would be like if Jesus came to our house for tea.

We made a beautiful tablecloth and decorated the area with bunting and paper chains. We all chose our favourite foods and stuck pictures on plates – it would have been a real feast.

And then we had our tea – and that certainly was fit for a king!

An Evening for Guitar and Voice

Saturday 16th February

A concert with Jacqueline Pischorn (soprano) and Michael McCartney (guitar) was enjoyed at Conway Methodist Church.

John Roberts who attended the concert writes:

A 100 year old guitar, designed before the construction of CRMC was the solitary instrument in this concert; with an American classical player who accompanied an Austrian soprano in the German language: a musical cocktail!
Her sweet voice and the crisp notes of the guitarist, who seemed to possess a dozen fingers, placed us into a total state of tranquillity.
A most enjoyable evening – many thanks to Stuart Bailey and Co.

Conway LIFE – The Church Christmas Party

What is now becoming an annual event, the Church Christmas Party took place last Sunday, 16th December with about forty attending. Who said the age groups can’t have fun together? The youngest was 18 months and the oldest 86 yrs. Who said Party Games were old hat? We played some of the oldest Party Games and enjoyed every minute. Who thought the old fashioned Sunday tea no longer happened? Well it still can and we all enjoyed sandwiches, pork pies, fairy cakes, scones and clotted cream, mince pies and Chapel Tea! Conway Road has re-invented fun! The children ran round and round. The old ones chatted in the corner and we all found we were still highly competitive. At the end we all went home tired but happy and the children clutched their presents. How many will be opened on Christmas Day?

Pass the parcel…with jokes!
Musical chairs….getting tense.
Friends together…. with ears…or is it a bow?
Tea time!
…and a lot of talking!

Carols on the Steps

A good crowd of thirty plus people gathered on the steps of Conway Road Methodist Church to sing carols on Monday evening – ably accompanied by the Barry Brass band. Many of the old traditional carols were sung – with descants included – the players and singers were then treated to mulled punch and mince pies.

A lovely evening – enjoyed by all – including the local community!

Carols on the Steps

Sororitas Believe

Conway Road held a wonderful concert with Sororitas Female Voice Choir on Saturday the 8th December. The repertoire included a few favourites from previous years, with a good selection of new songs, and a lovely new arrangement of an old favourite – O Holy Night. The Concert opened with a dramatic entrance of the choir, carrying candles into the Church, up and over the pulpit, laying them to brighten the Church during the Concert. The audience enjoyed a new comic number – Dominick the Donkey – a real favourite, particularly with the younger members of the audience.

A fabulous £670 was raised by the event for Bowel Cancer UK

2018 12 08 - Sororitas Believes - 02