Church Closure

Dear Friends,

This letter is the one I hoped not to have to write. As you know the pandemic of COVID-19 has been a major cause of concern for some weeks. We have seen numerous deaths in countries such as Italy  Increasingly the UK including Wales is following on albeit a couple of weeks behind Italy

The government has in the last fortnight or so introduced serious efforts to controle this virus and to save lives. The Methodist Church supports this and has now decided that our churches should close for worship to help control the infection.. How long this closure will last we do not know but I strongly feel that the church of Christ should act in a way that aids the saving of lives and enables a time of healing. This is the constructive contrinution to our communities that is required of us

During this time I encourage you to follow the advice given by our governments in London and Carrdiff. At the same time we can live out our Christian calling by demonstrating maximum kindness towards those who are finding these times to be a struggle

I shall be issuing a weekly reflection and using the telephone for pastoral care matters. I am available to all of you by phone or email. 

The weeks ahead will be difficult and no doubt frustrating but see it through we must. I conclude with the last words of John Wesley which I believe to be appropriate to us at this time – “The best of all is that God is with us.”

Your minister and friend

Paul Martin